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Comments on climbing in Kalymnos !!!

 Climbers who have visited Kalymnos express their opinion about climbing on the island !!!


Thanks for the very good organization of the festival! Kalymnos is super spot!!

M. Piola


Hey guys, we are the lucky route openers from the Petzl Team, so happy to discover together amazing new lines in this paradise of Kalymnos. These new hard routes are all crags and one of the best lines ever in all the kinds of climbing like Titantrope for his crags or Touche pas a na bite for his stalactites. Tomorrow were ganna put the first Sikatis cave routes (by boat) and it sounds like endless search for a perfect place to have fun with friends and GOOD VIDEOS!!

I hope youll enjoy our routes, too!!!


Exciting rocks !!!


Excellent climbing, good routes!! Well come back next year.

Jane    Germany

Stunning scenery, fantastic climbing, friendly people, hot, hot, hot, BRILLIANT

Tim and Henry

The 4th time in Kalymnos- always good climbing and friendly people around! And if you have some problems, George always is there for help What we are missing is more routes in Grade 5 and 6a. We are doing our best to make new routes but others should do also


What a beautiful spot !

A true little paradise!!

I think well have a good time on the island and hopefully come back in the future.

Climb on!!!

Hot Rock Global Challenge  


October 2004

A month here is not too much !!!

And I need to come back, because of course I have some routes to do but it is for the kindness of the Kalymnian people. I will come back !!

French Climb


I met my partner in Kalymnos in May 2004 and now we are back here together on holiday.

 It is a fantastic place with amazing climbing.

Thanks for bringing us together.


Beautiful routs, excellent bolting and practical access descriptions make this climbers paradise. We appreciate that the local climbing organization takes so much care to provide optimal climbing.

Ruth    Switzerland  


First week in Kalymnos there its beautiful sun, fun, climbing and beach

We will of course come back here again very beautiful place,


Brice     Swiss


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We'd like to thank the Municipal Athletic Organization and the Municipal  Tourist Organization of Kalymnos for their help. Also, we thank Reinhild, Guenter, Christiana, Ebses, Paola and Geppo for their photos.

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